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The wine region in numbers

The wine region
has been part
for 20 years of the World Heritage

  • 2002
  • 2022

In 2002 UNESCO inscribed the Tokaj Wine Region Historic Cultural Landscape into the list of World Heritage with the aim of protecting its historic architectural and natural environments.

vineyard area
Tokaj grape varieties

Tokaj grape varieties

The Tokaj grape varieties are regulated by the wine region’s protection of origin specification.

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Did you know…?

Did you know…?

The Tokaj Wine Region was the first delimited wine region in the world and it also has the oldest protection of origin system.
Treasures of the wine region

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The climate in the Tokaj Wine Region

The Tokaj Wine Region has an averagely hot, dry continental climate.

Typical rocks and soils in the Tokaj Wine Region

The Tokaj Wine Region’s incredibly diverse terroirs are unique. The extremely dynamic relatively recent geological past resulted in a wide range of topography, geology and soils.

Permitted Tokaj grape varieties

A strict protection of origin specification regulates the grape varieties that can be used to make Tokaji wines.

Characteristics of Tokaji wines

The uniqueness of the Tokaj Wine Region is primarily thanks to the aszú berries and the wines made from them. The process known as noble rot occurs due to the noble fungus Botrytis cinerea and its metabolic products.

It is450 years old

The first reference to Aszú.

The first reference is linked to Máté Garai who in 1571 first mentioned aszú szőlő bor (literally aszú grape wine), the predecessor to the world-famous liquid gold we know today. Over the centuries many outstanding vintages have been highlighted, but there are a number that are particularly special.

The most famous vintages

1571 – the first surviving written reference
1811 – the year of the comet
1956 – witness to history
1972 – the legendary vintage
1993 – the faith-giving vintage

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