Aszú in the bottle


The Tokaj bottle is a straight-sided cylinder with a long neck of clear glass. It has the following proportions:

  • height of cylindrical part/total height: 1:2
  • total height/base diameter= 3.6:1

A seal can be added to the bottle from its own material and may include the name Tokaj/Tokaji, the brand name of the wine producer, the company emblem/logo or other information. The volume of the bottle is usually 0.5 litres, but bottles of the following volumes are also authorised: 0.375 litres, 0.25 litres, 0.1875 litres and 0.1 litres. 

The coloured glass Tokaj bottle of 0.75 l is widely used in the wine region for dry white wines.


Rules for labelling

  1. Instead of the expression protected designation of origin, the term “wine of protected origin” may also be used. In the case of the wine types Aszú, Eszencia, Szamorodni, Fordítás and Máslás, the expression “wine specialty” may also be used as well as protected designation of origin.
  2. The vintage must be shown.
  3. The residual sugar content category must feature.
  4. Traditional expressions and other expressions that may be used with certain restrictions include: library or museum wine, wine specialty, the expression “6 puttonyos” can only appear on Aszú wines with residual sugar of at least 150 g/l.

Aszú wines can be released onto the market on 1st January three years after the harvest at the earliest.

Special bottling regulations

Wines with Tokaj protection of origin may only be bottled within the area described in the Tokaj Wine Region product specification.


Aging depends on several main factors:

  • grape varieties
  • terroir
  • vintage
  • method of cultivation, crop yield limit
  • winemaking technology and processes
  • storage vessels
  • storage

Wine is best kept in the cellar. In case it is not possible then we should try to ensure ideal conditions. A steady 11-12 oC with a permanent relative humidity of at least 70-80 % are perfect for aging.

Important historical vintages

1571 – first surviving written reference

The term ‘aszú szőlő bor’ (aszú grape wine) was first mentioned in a Garay family inventory written on May 15.



H-3910 Tokaj, Dózsa György út 2.


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