Aszú in the glass


"Sometimes the smallest details make a huge difference. A new glass isn’t a big deal, it’s more of a trend; we see different shapes each year on the store shelves. But sometimes a glass is more than just a glass; it symbolises something that crosses languages, nations and even continents. It is a symbol that everybody understands – it has the same meaning all around the world."
(Georg Riedel)

Tokaji glass

It used to be said that Aszú should be drunk from a small glass the size of a thimble. Recently a glass was designed by Riedel based on over 250 years of glass-blowing traditions and handcraft. Not only to convey the characteristics of the grape and wine type but also suits the varied Tokaj soils too.

The glass created in 2017 was made by hand: blown by mouth, of ultra-thin, lead-free crystal. It is lighter and thinner than even sommelier glasses. The size of the Tokaj bowl is large compared to the average size of white wine glasses. The walls close inwards so as to well retain the exceptional aromas of Tokaji wine.


Riedel Tokaji glass

Tokaji Eszencia and the crystal spoon

The most expensive wines in the world are generally linked to strong market value, premium quality and, in certain cases, limited bottle numbers. All three statements are true for Eszencia. We can regard Tokaji sweet wines as having been a brand for centuries, a real Hungarian curiosity that are still highly regarded by wine professionals and elite wine consumers around the world. One reason for its limited availability is that this miracle cannot be created every vintage due to varying natural conditions.

In an early-2019 issue of Fortune Magazine, a whole article was dedicated to this Tokaji wine specialty described as a genuine rarity that they called the most expensive wine in the world.

The specialness of Tokaji Eszencia is highlighted by the various crystal tasting spoons commissioned by Tokaj winemakers and producers. The shape and perfect purity of these crystal spoons give a special aesthetic and gastronomic pleasure to all those who taste Tokaji Eszencia this way.

Tokaji wine gastronomy

When choosing a dish to pair with Tokaji Aszú, we should focus on its five most important qualities:

  • the refreshing acidity
  • the body of the wines
  • the unique minerality
  • the sweetness
  • the characterful, concentrated and fruit-driven world of flavours of Aszú

Tokaji wine specialties can accompany a complete menu from starter to dessert.

Our naturally sweet wines offer an unforgettable experience with goose liver or blue cheese. Exotic, Asian and moderately spicy dishes are great with Aszú as are slow roast joints with fruits.

The flavour richness of aszú berries, the body and the minerality of the wines combined with their superb balance offer unique food pairing opportunities. We can be creative, brave and experimental in the kitchen – Tokaji Aszú is by no means only a dessert wine.

However, Aszú is worth choosing at dessert too. Actually, a spoon of Eszencia at the end of the menu, instead of dessert, itself provides an unparalleled gastronomic experience, the memory of which will remain long.



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